No Frontiers - Dissolving Boundaries Coming Back to Me

Age: 8,9,10,11
Project Year: 2012-13

Study of European countries

The children took part in 7 Videoconferences and the staff an additional 3 planning VCs. They completed their Wiki profiles and introduced themselves through VC. VC was used to decide on country for research project. They used the Chat facility, Forums and completed Wikis in relation to the Face-to Face, Christmas activities and for their WAU project - No Frontiers (a study of European countries). They completed a PowerPoint presentation on their country selected and researched.

Face-to-face meeting

Venue: Share Centre, Enniskillen, 13th November 2013
The venue was chosen as approximately half way between the two schools and the activities were suitable. The activities were 'Team Building' and involved a crystal maze type games. The children went around different activities on the course to gain the most points. The groups were the groups we had chosen for them to work in and had a mix of pupils from each school at a ratio 4:2. There were some ice-breakers provided by the staff at the centre and the children had to work together to solve the problems.


Videoconferences were used for planning between staff and there were 7 that pupils were involved in. They covered everything from telling jokes to discussing work for the project on Europe. They did a 'who am I?', Christmas wishes for each other, chose countries and chatted. The VC allowed pupils to discuss their collaborative plans and make group decisions. It also allowed them to get to know each other better and that included the 'shy' children. Time was limited by the number of groups.

Schools Involved

Media Gallery

For Dissolving Boundaries Day 2014 we invited schools to send us short video recordings that show what DB means to them. We've pieced these together into a movie!

A documentary about linking schools through ICT; case studies of cross-border links between Northern Ireland and Ireland in the Dissolving Boundaries programme and in Israel through the TEC program.


School Participation

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