Liquid Gold - Water

Age: 8,9,10
Project Year: 2010-11

Investigating sea life and the properties of water

At the start of the project the students got to know each other in their groups using the forums. They completed pupil profiles that they shared with their partner school. We decided to discuss sea life, the difference between fish/mammals, tropical, fresh water and sea fish. We watched Finding Nemo and the children sat with reference books to sea life, and each group could try to identify as many different fish/mammals in the film and groups could find out which group finds the most fish/mammals breeds.

Explain to classes that they are marine biologists, and each group have discovered a fish/mammal that has never been seen by humans before. Draw and label it, write down a description and make up a name for it (all to be agreed within the group). Each group make 2 of their discovery and every week make contact to discuss progress and to show what it looks like – they should be very similar) Scoil Oilibhéir Naofa is involved in the Green Schools initiative and we study 'water' in all its contexts and engage in local investigations about the origin and cleaning process of water that arrives in our tap.

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For Dissolving Boundaries Day 2014 we invited schools to send us short video recordings that show what DB means to them. We've pieced these together into a movie!

A documentary about linking schools through ICT; case studies of cross-border links between Northern Ireland and Ireland in the Dissolving Boundaries programme and in Israel through the TEC program.


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