Budding Authors and Artists

Age: 9,10,11,12
Project Year: 2010-11

Students worked collaboratively on painting aliens and writing stories

The students got to know each other by sending messages on the forums and creating personal profiles on the wiki's where they uploaded pictures of themselves. Our partnership worked on two main projects aliens and stories.

Pupils painted aliens and wrote instructions based on these pictures. These instructions were then exchanged via the wiki. Pupils in the partner school then painted a picture based on these instructions. Original drawing and new drawings were shared and compared through the wikis. A sample of student work is shown:

The second project involved each group of students writing a paragraph of a story that was sent to the partner school. The corresponding group in the partner school then wrote the second paragraph. This was repeated until each group had produced their own story.


For our face-to-face we went to W5 in Belfast where students completed workshops in groups and explored the magic of science. A great day was had by all.www.clothingreviews.net

Schools Involved

  • Location: Porterstown Road Clonsilla Dublin
    Age Group: 11,12
    Type: Primary

  • Location: Layde Road Cushendun Ballymena BT44 0NJ
    Age Group: 9,10
    Type: Primary

Media Gallery

For Dissolving Boundaries Day 2014 we invited schools to send us short video recordings that show what DB means to them. We've pieced these together into a movie!

A documentary about linking schools through ICT; case studies of cross-border links between Northern Ireland and Ireland in the Dissolving Boundaries programme and in Israel through the TEC program.


School Participation

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