Green Schools Project

Age: 14,15,16
Project Year: 2010-11

Students worked collabortively on a Green Schools Project

The aim of this project is to follow the Green Schools Project in year1. As a group we will concentrate on recycling. We started this project in October and we encouraged all the students in our school to recycle paperin their classrooms. The students also recycled old clothes under the title 'CASH FOR CLOBBER' in which the school collected 95 bags of clothes and made 380 euros for the green schools project. The students also recycled old mobile phones and electrical goods.We also developed a school garden in which the students grew a variety of vegetables including Lettuce, Cabbage, Potatoes, Onions and they also had a herb garden. The highlight of our project was developing our School Garden and watching our plants grow and develop.

As well as doing the Green Schools Project Dissolving Boundaries also gave the students from Newry an opportunity to improve on their sign language which they would have concentrated on last year.


On Wednesday 13th of April the students from St Mary's School For Deaf Girls Cabra had a face-to-face meeting with the students from Our Lady's Grammar School Newry Co Down. In the morning they met at Collins Barrracks and the girls split up into two groups. This was a great opportunity for the girls to communicate in Sign Language (I.S.L). They had great fun trying on clothes from the 1916 Easter Rising. The girls then travelled to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre where they had lunch and they did some shopping. The girls still communicate with each other via email.

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For Dissolving Boundaries Day 2014 we invited schools to send us short video recordings that show what DB means to them. We've pieced these together into a movie!

A documentary about linking schools through ICT; case studies of cross-border links between Northern Ireland and Ireland in the Dissolving Boundaries programme and in Israel through the TEC program.


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