Enterprise Project

Age: 9,10,11,12
Project Year: 2010-11

Learning from each others business ventures

We have been Partner Schools for 2 years now. We started our project off by posting profiles of ourselves in English and in Irish to our partners in Tyrone-they were very pleased with these and asked us to speak some Irish on webcam. Following this we got to know our partners better by talking in the forums. We gave spoke about school events, sports, interests, families, music, current events and of course the project!

As our first task we wrote a story together on the wiki. Our partners from Tyrone made up the first half of the story and we wrote the second half in a different colour on the wiki. We ended up with some really cool and funny stories!

Then we moved on to the enterprise part of our project. The first thing we did was to study materials in Science. We figured that we needed a basic understanding of materials because these were so important for any “invention”. We studied what materials were: solids, liquids and gases. We studied the properties of solid materials and described whether they were translucent, transparent, flexible, rigid, hard, soft etc. We then examined objects and brainstormed why certain materials were chosen to make them. For example: A Plastic Bottle for Water: Plastic is chosen as it’s see-through, it’s hard, it’s durable, it’s recyclable and of course it’s cheap. Cost was a big factor we determined. We then imagined what everyday objects would be like had they been made out of different materials! Imagine gold tables, silver chairs and diamond pencils!

We then went on to study advertising, as this was another key area of enterprise. We studied persuasive writing and examined adverts on TV and in magazines and newspapers. We learned that adverts tend to use positive and exaggerated language. They sometimes use humour as a device to get people to like their product. They use scientific facts and quote research. They use repetition and alliteration and they play on words! Sometimes adverts compare their product to a similar one and highlight how their product is superior. They may also offer you a “freebie” or some other incentive to buy. Both schools used adverts during the project, Mother of Devine Grace made adverts to persuade people to sign up to our school lunches or to use the tuck shop that we set up! In Ballygawley radio adverts were made to promote the Renewable energy supplier ‘Airtricity’. From all that we learned we went about inventing an imaginary product putting to use all we learned about materials, costs, making a profit and providing something that we think people would really like to buy!

After doing ALL this work we then had a Dragon’s Den style video conference. We presented our ideas, asked questions, tried to help our partners by suggesting improvements, worked out profits and we had great fun too. We posted our ideas to the wiki and we commented on each other’s work. After talking over the best business for our schools both schools started their business. St Mary's Ballygawley decided to open a tuck shop selling fruit and some vegetables and Mother of Devine Grace decided to sell plants. Both school quickly got to work in their school gardens and mading adverts to promote their product. Here is our logo and our school garden in Ballygawley.

Overall the students learned a lot by completing the project and here are a few things they mentioned that they had gained from the project:

  • We learned how to work together in groups.
  • We learned how to share ideas using the Internet (forums and wikis) and by presenting ideas on webcam.
  • We learned that to be an entrepreneur means to have imagination and a lot of energy to get your imagination to life!
  • We learned that advertising, costs and profits are very important in business.


Our face-to-face meeting took place in W5 Belfast. Pupils explored and discussed the effects of forces on a variety of toys and equipment and identified the energy sources. They used their understanding of pushes and pulls to discover the secrets behind some magic tricks and made their own rocket to test back at school.

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For Dissolving Boundaries Day 2014 we invited schools to send us short video recordings that show what DB means to them. We've pieced these together into a movie!

A documentary about linking schools through ICT; case studies of cross-border links between Northern Ireland and Ireland in the Dissolving Boundaries programme and in Israel through the TEC program.


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